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A Fully Featured Platform to Modernize Your Brand

Use strong visuals to share, educate, and wow your reps and retailers.

Looking to sell your season and achieve incredible success with your retailers? Then it’s time to modernize your brand. You need to streamline your wholesale channel, create sustainable go-to-market content, and digitally enable your reps.

Streamline Your Wholesale Channel

Modern replenishment and prebook order capture
  • Key Features
  • Account segmentation and unique pricing
  • Quick replenishment orders
  • Real time inventory availability
  • Prebook order capture
  • Visually merchandise orders
  • Recommend orders
  • Performance analytics and reporting
  • Discounts & promotions
  • Collect payment with CC and ACH

Sustainable Go To Market Tools

Digital cataloging, merchandising, and GTM content destination
  • Key Features
  • Digital catalog builder
  • Printable PDF exports
  • Showroom wholesale digital storefront
  • Visual merchandising and line planning
  • Content sharing and asset management
  • Content performance analytics and reporting

Digitally Enable Your Reps

Kick open more doors and put the right product in each one
  • Key Features
  • Mobile first content and commerce app
  • Digital presentation and story telling
  • Replenishment and prebook order recommendations
  • Easy content sharing
  • Assortment recommendations
  • Assortment campaigns
  • Account Insights and activity
  • Monitor rep performance and activity
Solutions for brands of all sizes!

Envoy B2B fits both growing and established brands wholesale B2B ecommerce needs

Envoy B2B Core

Turnkey connectors and robust configuration options make Envoy B2B easy and quick to modernize your wholesale operations
  • Configure Envoy B2B to your business
  • Turnkey ERP and SFTP connectors

Envoy B2B Enterprise

Managed software with dedicated support and the flexibility to have Envoy B2B customized to fit your business
  • Tailored customizations
  • Custom ERP integrations

Strategy #1

Streamline Your Wholesale Channel

We know that retailer’s buy from brands that actively provide meaningful support and effective tools. That means it’s on you and your brand to earn your spot on the shelf. Archaic systems and clunky methods aren’t going to cut it. No more phoning in orders or giant spreadsheets. Retailer’s don’t have the time.

66% of your specialty retailers carry more than 20+ brands. 97% use more than 5 B2B platforms daily. It’s essential that you are making their job as simple as possible. The easier it is for them to get educated and get product, the easier it is for them to sell your product. After offering a quality product, the single best way to earn your spot on the shelf - and increase your sell through - is to actively invest in the success of your retailers.

Showroom. Inventory. Visualization. All the tools you need to streamline your wholesale channel.

You need to deliver a modern B2B platform. A one-stop shop where retailers can educate themselves on your product, check inventory, browse your catalog, view assortments, merchandise, shop, and order - all in a single space where you can track activity.

What exactly does that look like?
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Strategy #2

Set Your Retailers Up For Success With Sustainable Go-To-Market Content Tools

Content is the fuel for your retailers all season long. Delivering the right content to the right retailers give them the knowledge they need to be excited about selling your product. Content informs retailer purchases during sell-in and drives improved sell-through.

Is your brand providing the right content and tools? Sustainable go-to-market tools like digital catalog builders, visual merchandising and line planning features, wholesale digital storefronts and content destination like storefronts all deliver content to your retailers and empower their success.

Education. Insights. Collaboration. Go-To-Market Materials. Set your retailers up for success!

Are you setting your retailers up for success?
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Strategy #3

Digitally Enable Your Reps to Better Support Specialty Retail Accounts

24/7 access for your retailers. Set them up for success!What turns a good rep into a great rep? Tools. Specifically, the right tools. Tools that are designed to enhance sell-through all season long. Your reps are the primary connection between your retailers’ and your brand. That makes it essential to ensure you’re enabling your reps with the right tools so that they can be great.

A great rep:

Research shows us that reps play a critical role in the success of your season. The single biggest reason a retailer chooses to work with a brand and continue to carry their product is in fact, due to having a great sales rep.

Is your brand fielding a team of great reps?
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Envoy B2B can be
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Included with every solution:

The Customer Success Promise

The Customer Success Promise

A dedicated team that understands the industry and wants to set goals for your brands success every season.

Wholesale Accelerator

Wholesale Accelerator

Envoy B2B will help in your wholesale transformation to meet today’s challenges.

Content Package

Content Package

Our content team will help you go digital first by designing and setting up your first seasons GTM content.



Your team will be assisted in adoption. Our training takes into consideration the skill levels of your team and your brands operations.

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Streamline your wholesale channel, adopt sustainable go to market tools, and digitally enable your reps.

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